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Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee, or CAC, is an advisory group for the Policy Board that provides recommendations on community issues and concerns. The CAC meets prior to the Policy Board to review items on the Policy Board Agenda.

The CAC is composed of citizens appointed by the Policy Board to represent the public interest in transportation decision making. The CAC usually meets at 6:00 PM on the second Thursday of the month at the Morgantown Municipal Airport conference room.
Citizens Advisory Committee Members:
Christiaan Abildso (Chairman)
Matt Cross
Thomas Zeni
Kelli LaNeve
Ed Sneckenberger
Chip Wamsley   
Robert Mullins     
Heather Britton 
Matthew Ridgway                             

Technical Advisory Committee

The Transportation Technical Advisory Committee, or TTAC, is an advisory group for the Policy Board that provides recommendations on technical issues and planning efforts. The TTAC is made up of technical staff from the various agencies and local governments that participated in the MPO process.
The TAC meets prior to the Policy Board. These meetings are held to make recommendations on items prior to consideration by the Policy Board. The TAC usually meets at 1:30 PM on the second Tuesday of the month at the Morgantown Municipal Airport conference room.
Technical Advisory Committee Members:

Bill Austin Morgantown Monongalia MPO (Chairman)
Maria Smith Mountain Line Transit 
Chandra Inglis Smith Federal Highway Administration 
Brian Carr WV Division of Highway
Damien Davis City of Morgantown
John Whitmore City of Morgantown
Fouad Shoukry WV Division of Highway
Latina Mayle Town of Granville 
Clement Solomon West Virginia University
Andrew Gast-Bray Monongalia County

Freight Advisory Committee

Givien the emphasis on frieght in the FAST Act, the purpose of the MPO’s Freight Adivsory Committee is to assure that freight interests were represented in the MPO’s planning process. The Freight Advisory Committee consisted of representatives of the local trucking/freight industry.
The meetings of the Freight Advisory Committee are held twice a year.
Freight Advisory Committee Members:  
Edward Boyle-MCI Group
Bob Henn-Greer Industry’s
John Laurita
Ryan Nuzum-Nuzum Trucking
Barry Pallay-Upper Monongahela River Association

Policy Advisory Committee

The Policy Advisory Committee is made up of representatives of the businesses community and the economic development community who provide the Policy Board with their perspective on the impact of the Boards proposed policies and projects. This committee is consisted of members from the Morgantown Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee. Click here for more information. 

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